“2000 Mules” Not The Slam Dunk I Thought it Would Be

I watched the movie again last night, this time more critically and here are a few take-aways.

It’s not quite as persuasive as I first thought. Don’t get me wrong…I was impressed with the methodology used, geotracking phones, video of mules stuffing drop-boxes, etc. All of that was compelling but there needed to be more of that in the film.

One interesting thing here: Some areas pointed cameras in random directions, entirely missing all activity near the boxes. In other cases, officials claimed there was no video to share, even though the law dictates that federal election materials be held and available for review for 22 months.

We saw a panel of conservatives watching and expressing their opinions. All agreed about the film, but I would have liked to have seen a couple of moderate Democrats on the panel, just to know what they thought.

True the Vote sifted through 4 million minutes of video and identified at least 2,000 mules, yet just a minuscule amount of that video was shown. We saw mules at ballot boxes, but were not shown where they came from or where they went. or how many ballot boxes they visited.

One thing that was somewhat dishonest was re-enactment by actors for some of the video. Nothing wrong with that, but they did not label those as such, which may confuse some viewers.

Overall, 2000 Mules will get high marks from conservatives and those who are on the fence, but there is not enough meat on the bone to sway many Democrats and liberals.